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Pediatric Therapy:  Making Skill

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At Valley Family Therapeutics, we understand that a child's family is an integral part of their growth and development.  Our highly trained staff focuses their treatment on maximizing your child's potential through a tailored treatment and home exercise program.  Family is encouraged to participate in sessions to promote carryover of newly learned skills in home, community and school environments.

Valley Family Therapeutics is a multi-disciplinary Pediatric Therapy Clinic offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy services to children from birth to twenty-one years of age.  Our therapy programs are designed to serve the individual needs of your child.

Our therapists have advanced training & experience helping children in the areas of:

  • School related skills: handwriting, attention, problem solving, auditory/visual processing
  • Social interaction with family and peers
  • PICKY EATING or food sensitivities
  • Self-care: dressing, eating, grooming & safety awareness
  • Speech & language development: articulation delays, receptive & expressive language
  • Balance and coordination
  • Known developmental delays
  • Learning difficulties

We treat children diagnosed with: ADHD, Autism, Gait Disturbances, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Torticollis, Plagiocephally, Failure to thrive and more...

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