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We can all redefine being present and healthy as we continue to explore.
Wherever that place is: the therapeutic office, the stage, the backyard or the school setting, they can all bring together the same experience; a moment of "awe" a "breath of kindness" into the possibilities of our selfs, a playful self.
These services are provided by Dr. Christine Gorigitia along with Mindfulness sessions throughout the year. 

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

The Center for Autism Research (CAR) is a collaborative effort between The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. Our three-part mission to understand the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in order to develop effective treatments through research; to serve the needs of individuals with ASD and their family members through education and guidance throughout the lifespan; and to train the next generation of master clinicians and scientists in state-of-the-science best practices for autism screening, diagnosis and treatment. Click here to find out more about the Center for Autism Research.

Just Make Art Studio, LLC

Carrie Tamutus, BFA, MAAT is the owner of Just Make Art Studio, LLC. Just Make Art Studio offers art therapy services to children and adolescents. Art therapy is a non-verbal, therapeutic modality that reduces stress, eases anxiety, increases self-esteem, and facilitates positive change in behavior and cognition by accessing emotions and feelings in a non-threatening and familiar way. Art therapy involves the process of making art combined with nurturing counseling techniques to help individuals improve their mental and emotional health.

Lawall Prosthetic and Orthotics Company

Pediatric Prosthetics and Orthotics available at our Coopersburg site through Emily Woolston and Greg Pummer!

Working with children and their families is always a pleasure. Our facilities are bright and cheerful which creates a inviting environment allowing our child patients to relax and have fun, resulting in the best possible outcomes. We are a full service manufacturing facility. We create and manufacture many of the products we supply to our children.

Manito Equestrian Center, Life Center

Valley Family Therapeutics has joined with Manito Equestrian Center to provide horse assisted therapy. Children in need of Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy are evaluated by one our trained therapists and then treated at Manito along with their therapeutic riding team. Together, our goal is to help every child maximize their functional gains in a fun and adaptive way.

Music Therapy Associates

With 12 board certified therapists, MTA offers individual and group music therapy services in client homes and other community locations! Music lessons on most instruments and voice are also available as well as interactive music programs for birthday parties, family reunions and special events of all kinds. All programs are goal directed and designed for the specific individual or group.

Swim-in Zone

Swim-in Zone, Inc. is dedicated to quality instruction by a serious staff of committed instructors in water safety, water confidence, and swimming in a friendly atmosphere where learning is fun, at maximum value to the student.

Woldoff & Associates

An accurate diagnosis can result in improved outcomes for children, in educational, home,  and social environments. Your child may be exhibiting symptoms of Autism, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability, and/or Emotional/Behavioral concerns that are impacting their ability to succeed. Our goal is to offer every patient an accurate diagnosis and helpful interventions in a professional, caring, and supportive environment.

The Listening Program

Research shows that certain types of music can improve your health and brain performance. That's what The Listening Program is about, improving your sound brain fitness. Our team of experts develops sound tracks of evidence-based music to improve your attention, memory, listening, creativity, and communication, while reducing stress, and enhancing your cognitive health, mood and sense of well-being. 


Timocco is an online, therapeutic gaming environment specifically designed for children with special needs. Using motion based technology, our games respond to the child’s movements. Timocco’s patented tracking software allows any webcam to identify and follow player’s movements by following objects held by the player.

Timocco’s mission is to provide motivating and meaningful games that are therapy orientated, thus encouraging the child to participate and progress to the best of their ability.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Jeanne Mackes is an Independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. doTERRA distills Certified Pure Therapeutics Grade essential oils which can be used for aromatherapy practices. Jeanne can be contacted at:

[email protected]